Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Describing my classmate

Hi, tonight i will describe my classmate in Civil eng. Class

So, last year I go to college and entering State Polytechnic majoring Civil Engginer I have 25 classmate and they are comes from everywhere I mean, they are so ... (beragam)?

So first is..
Ipul, nama panjangnya Muhammad syaiful baharuddin. I know it well because i always end up with him if theres a team project or something else. Dia salah satu pelawak di kelas, he is really a funny nice person, coba deh tanya ke semua orang yang kenal dia, pasti nggak ada yang benci sama dia. What you should know that, he is a colorblind but not total cb, berdasarkan ceritanya dia itu nggak pernah daftar di sipil meskipun itu emang keinginan dia sejak sma. Tapi orang tua dia di kampung selalu berharap dia bisa masuk ke teknik listrik, meskipun dia di terima dan namanya ada di pengumuman tes tertulis, dia nggak lolos di tes kesehatan which is he can't because he is a colorblind. Kebayang nggak sih kalau dia masuk teknik listrik dan nggak bisa bedain mana warna hijau dan kuning? Gimana kalau dia disuruh putusin kabel warna hijau tapi dia mutusin kabel kuning?
Pada saat seleksi kata dia sebenarnya bisa diterima karna dia bisa membedakan warna warna pokok tapi katanya itu sia sia karna pada saat dia cari kerja nanti dia nggak akan lolos karena bakal di tes beginian lagi, poor ipul.. and the destiny bring him here in civil engineering major meskipun orang tuanya nggak mau dia masuk ke situ awalnya tapi tetep Allah show the best plan for him.

Second, there is Mifta she is one of georgeus girl in my class, probably just her. We got 7 girls in my class including me, and mifta is the most feminim, like the boys maybe just see Mifta as girl and the remaining 6 not. I got really closer with she because we had same hometown, and i used to sleep at her house if i couldn't come back home.

Then there is, Rusdi-his full name is so long and i cant mention it. Dia dan Sy punya persamaan yaituu adalah Our house that is so far away from Campus but not in the same direction. We both live in another regency from campus but he can ride a motorcycle and I am not.
There is geng of maros regency in my class, theres 5 of them they are Rusdi, Amran, Fahar, Rahmat, Rifqi

Amran, he is the first who left us, like the one that got away.. after 2 weeks he pass the test for STAN and going there to study, he is really an amazing person, he is soooo genius at math and got obsessed with civil eng. when still in high school, since now if there is a math task we cant answer we always ask him for the help (hehehe)

Fahar, following amran he left after him he pass in STMKG i even dont know the meaning but thats amazing fahar is similiar to amran but he is more quite and mysterious, i think? I am a talkative person, i talk to amran much but not fahar Rahmat once said that fahar is a religious person what means that he dont talk much with girl. I still remember that once when i go to campus early and i saw him sit in the bench, i walk to him and standing in his back, honestly i trying to know what is he doing and guess what, he is trying to solve a math or physic question actually i didnt sure but i clearly saw that formula and i'm pretty sure its not our honework. And i just... wow, i never met a boy who doing that when waiting for a class.

Rifqi, he left after we finished our 2nd semester its really so unpredict? Because we almost spend 1 year together and he left for ATKP i dont know what it is.
Maybe i just too sad because i miss him, he always talk too much hoho

Next is Suryadi, setiap kelas pasti punya deh satu orang yang selalu di "kambing hitam"-kan di kelas, nah kalau di kelas kami ada suryadi, kalau dosen nanya yang aneh aneh di kelas kayak "Makanya jangan pakai penghapus jadi bedaknya" pasti semua kelas kompakan bilang "Suryadiiii, pak" atau ada lagi dosen yang bilang kayak "Emang di kelas ini yang paling malas siapa?" Semua pasti bakal jawab "Suryadiii, pak" ya pokoknya gitu deh dan si Suryadi cuma bisa tunduk sambil ketawa malu-malu di belakang.

So thats pretty much of my classmate, actually i'm gonna write for 25 people but thats tooooo much haha.

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