Friday, May 2, 2014

Love letter

Dear, someone who own my heart

Where have you been? I haven't see you in a while.
I've been good. Still going to school, studying, and you know...
The school just got so boreed since you wasnt here. Haha
I hate the fact that i miss you this much.
Even we have 'broke' up last month, you still here, in my heart.
You are the first person across my mind to write this love letter.

I'm sorry about my decision to set you free wasn't right for you. I just feel you can't stay by my side anymore.
But until know I just realize that there's something about you I can't let go.
I'm just thinking "before you come in my life, I was fine. And I bet I'll be just fine without you in it again".
And, I know I was wrong. If I could, I'll catch you, but I think I can't.

And the time pass, fastly.

You got me again. With your gaze, your care. My friend told me to not fall in the same hole. But, i can't help that I'm falling in love with you, again.

You told me that you're back. But I always know, that you never left.

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